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Meet your new restaurant Manager

A super app to manage everything you do at your restaurant, except cooking of course !

100 parchiyon ki ek parchi app

Designed with you in mind, Parchi can get you up and running in minutes

Easy to learn and use

with Parchi, you are a pro from day 1

Simplifies your daily tasks

managing your business is now a cake walk

Lets you collaborate

a team that works together, grows together

Zero subscription charges*

until we have grown your business

Stay on top of all your orders

Simplify your order handling processes with our user friendly order management feature enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Your menu is your art piece. Showcase it well !

Our menu management feature lets you create, update and present your menu to your customers in a couple of seconds

You deserve to know
every detail

Get a clear picture of your restaurant's performance at a glance and gain invaluable insights to improve operations and delight guests

What our customers say

Rashmi, Ketchup Cafe Jaipur

Parchi app has really helped me manage my customer's orders with super ease. It's user friendly and works very smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

I run a small food truck. Is this app suitable for me ? Yes ! Parchi app can be used by all kinds of small food service units like food truck, cafes, dhabas, street food joints etc.

Is Parchi app completely free to use? Parchi app is completely free for first 1000 orders. After which we charge Rs. 199 per month per licence.

Is there any limitation on the number of outlets, users or orders that can be created using the app ? No. With every licence, you can create unlimited outlets, users and orders.

Can I easily manage incoming orders with the order management feature ? With our carefully designed order management feature, you can easily create orders and generate invoices at the click of a button

How intuitive is the menu management feature? Can I create & update my menu easily? Our simple to use menu management feature allows you to create and update your menu easily. It also allows you to mark unavailable items out of stock

Does the app provides insights and reports about my restaurants sales ? The app provides report about your daily & weekely sales so that you can know how your outlet is performing even on the go.

Can I access the app from multiple devices or locations? Yes, Parchi is a cloud-based app, allowing you to access and manage your outlet's operations from any device or location with internet connectivity

Is my restaurant's data safe and secure with the app? Absolutely! We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data. Our app utilizes robust security measures to ensure your outlet's information remains safe at all times.

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